Jakten på Berlusconi

May the horse be with you

  • Jakten på Berlusconi - Trailer
  • Video 1: Jakten på Berlusconi - Trailer

A few words about the project

Ole Endresen
Production Company
4 1/2 FIlm
Post production producer
Espen Skjetne
Post production coordinator
Tom Joelsen
Thomas Trælnes
Teaser & trailer editing
Jonas Aarø
Julien Alary
Vfx / fixes
Dylan R. Hopkin
Henry Cummings
Jan Ivar Solås
Magnus Pettersson
Dylan R. Hopkin
Christian Vårdal
Mastering / dcp
Terje K. Gillebo
Production year

A chubby jockey is no longer getting the best horses and has to cheat to pay off his considerable debt. A horse drugging goes wrong and winds up in kidnapping the prizewinner horse Berlusconi.


Shortcut Oslo provided the production with editing, grading, VFX and online.