Evo Fitness

Do Your Thing!

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A few words about the project

Evo Fitness
Production Company
Motion Blur
Henry Cummings
Christian Schaaning
Post production producer
Morten Nagel, Anette Gjertsen
Storm Studios
Production year

EVO Fitness wanted a web campaign for their chain of unmanned 24/7 fitness centers. They tasked Anorak with coming up with a series of films to strengthen their online presence.


Motion Blur and Director Henrik Sander came to Storm/Shortcut with a YouTube clip showing an American football player running on a threadmill at a ridiculous fast pace. Wouldn't it be funny and surprising if a highly unlikely character were to do the same?

Storm used a split screen technique where torso and legs were shot separately to make the running effect.

The commercial was selected to be one of the “Hotshots” on shots.net.  Hotshots are the monthly picks of the best work to appear on the site. Each month shots.net feature the most creatively excellent work including the most innovative TV commercials, the latest work from talented new directors as well as ground-breaking music videos, virals, short films and idents.