Late Summer and Thanks for Dancing

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This summer the feature film Late Summer (Sensommer) and the short Thanks for Dancing (Takk for Turen) will be released as a Film Bros double feature in Norwegian cinemas.


Both films are directed by Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken and post-produced at Nordisk Film Shortcut.


Thanks for Dancing is a short film centred around a lifelong relationship that is coming to an end, as we follow two elderly men and former athletes the last winter they are living together. The film was shot on 35mm film on location in Hedmark near the Swedish border in ice cold conditions.


The short film was graded and onlined by Dylan Hopkin and the sound mix was done by Daniel Lindvik.


Late Summer is a feature film about an elderly woman who has secluded herself in her remote home in the French countryside, when a young foreign couple on vacation suddenly intrudes on her isolated life. The film was shot on location in Bretagne and Normandie and shot on 35mm film.


The feature was graded and onlined by Raymond Gangstad and the sound mix was done by Daniel Lindvik. The sound design for Late Summer was performed in our facilities by Nils Are Gjerde Viken and Inger Elise Holm.


Both films are released together in Norwegian cinemas june 17th.