The Third Eye season 2

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Police detective Viggo Lust (Kyrre Haugen Sydness) is working for the organized crime division.


A drug case he and his new partner, Ståle (Eivind Sander), are working on ends up in the brutal execution of a small time drug dealer. This is the start of a manhunt to find the killer, the case intertwines with other ongoing investigations that drag in more suspects and the loss of more lives.


A thrilling ride throughout the 10 x 46 minute episodes. On Norwegian TV2 now.

Production company: Rubicon TV

Creative Producer: O.M. Araldsen
Producer: Linn Kirkenær

Directors: Gunnar Vikene & Geir Henning Hopeland

Cinematographers: Håvar Karlsen & Gaute Gunari


Colourist: Dylan R. Hopkin

Online Artist: Christian Vårdal

Post coordinator: Tom Joelsen

Post Producer: Espen Skjetne