The Third Eye - Season 2

Det Tredje Øyet

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A few words about the project

Dylan R. Hopkin
Online artist
Christian Vårdal
Post Coordinator
Tom Joelsen
Post producer
Espen Skjetne
Production Company
Rubicon TV
Creative Producer
O.M. Araldsen
Linn Kirkenær
Gunnar Vikene & Geir Henning Hopeland
Håvar Karlsen & Gaute Gunari

Police detective Viggo Lust (Kyrre Haugen Sydness) is working for the organized crime division.

A drug case he and his new partner, Ståle (Eivind Sander), are working on ends up in the brutal execution of a small time drug dealer. This is the start of a manhunt to find the killer, the case intertwines with other ongoing investigations that drag in more suspects and the loss of more lives.

A thrilling ride throughout the 10 x 46 minute episodes. Aired on Norwegian TV2 in the spring of 2016.