Pats One Feat. Gimmik - Dypdykk

Pats One Feat. Gimmik music video

  • Pats One Feat. Gimmik - "Dypdykk"
  • Video 1: Pats One Feat. Gimmik - "Dypdykk"

A few words about the project

Director / dop / editor
Åsmund Hasli
Dylan R. Hopkin

Pats One is one of Norway´s leading battle rappers. He has gained a cult status in the rap-community.
Director Åsmund Hasli wanted to create a experimental music video that was far from the usual rap-videos.
"Dypdykk" follows an author who is struggling with himself, and slowly losing grip of reality.

This music video leads us to the dark corners of his mind.