Så og på jorden

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A new, heartfelt tale about the people in the small village of Ljusåker, in the northernmost part of Sweden. A story, moving and humorous, about love, music and dance and their power to transform people. Heaven on Earth is an independent sequel to the Academy Award nominated film As It Is in Heaven which was a box office hit in Sweden and several other countries during 2004. What happened to the villagers after their choir director, the world renowned conductor Daniel Daréus, passed away, leaving behind the choir and the love of his life, the beautiful soprano Lena, who is expecting his child.

Production company is GF Studios AB (Sweden).

Shortcut Oslo did the picture post-production for the movie. 

Dylan R. Hopkin was responsible for the grading and online.

Christian Vårdal did compositing & conform. Terje K. Gillebo created the DCP and other masters.

The post-production was supervised by our producer Espen Skjetne and production manager Tom Joelsen.

The theatrical release is September 4th 2015.