Solan og Ludvig - Herfra til Flåklypa

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A few words about the project

Rasmus A. Sivertsen
Production Company
Maipo Film AS.
Dylan R. Hopkin
on-line editor
Raymond Gangstad
Christian Vårdal
Sound design
Christian Schaaning and Petter Fagelund
Post production Supervisor
Espen Skjetne
Production Manager
Tom Joelsen
Production year

Flåklypa is ready for another race in Norwegian cinemas. Solan & Ludvig  (Nolan & Louis in English) - Herfra til Flåklypa (English title: “The Big Cheese Race”) premiered the 25th of December 2015.

Reodor Felgen's home and workshop are in peril after Solan has boasted and gambled in drunken company. A nerve-wrecking race with various vessels across Flåklypa's highest peak will decide if Solan, Ludvig and Reodor still retain their home at the end of the story.