In production

  • Mannen fra Snåsa

    Mannen fra Snåsa ("Doing Good" in English) is a feature-length documentary about the Norwegian healer Joralf Gjerstad, also known at Snåsamannen. Over the last 65 years tens of thousands have traveled to Snåsa in hopes of getting help from the healer. In the documentary we join film maker Margreth Olin as she follows sessions with Joralf Gjerstad and 22 new clients. 


    Picture post production took place here at Shortcut Oslo.


    Cinema release 22nd of January 2016.

  • Tordenskjold og Kold

    “Tordenskjold was innovative, a weirdo, a drunkard and a womaniser,” said Norwegian author Erlend Loe, who wrote the script for Danish director Henrik Ruben Genz’s upcoming story of the nobleman and naval hero Tordenskjold. Production company is Nimbus Film Productions (Denmark).


    Picture post-production and sound mix at Shortcut.


    Cinema release 5th of February 2016.

  • Den Allvarsamme Leken

    The greatest Swedish love story is celebrating a full century! Scripted by Danish writer/director Lone Scherfig (“Italian For Beginners” & “An Education”) and directed by Pernilla August (“Svinalängorna/Beyond”) the epic scope of Hjalmar Söderberg’s complex love story between Arvid Stjärnblom and Lydia Stille will finally be made into a full cinema experience.


    Sound and picture post production at Shortcut Oslo.